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A L - M U H A W A L A
  • 8.00 to 5.00 (Sat_Thurs)
  • Khalidiya Tower, Ghazzan Street,
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  • 8.00 to 5.00 (Sat_Thurs)
  • Khalidiya Tower, Ghazzan Street,
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About Us

About Company

Al Muhawala Contracting

Al Muhawala

Al Muhawala

Al-Muhawala Group is a Saudi Arabian Company which runs to provide Contracting Works, Civil Works, Interior Works, Furniture Works, Facility Management, Exceptional Networking and Security Solutions.

The headquarters of the organization is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and it also operates to cater its fullest in various regions of the country as well.

Who we are:

  • Low Current Systems

  • Fire and Safety

  • Power Backup Solution

  • Maintenance Contract

The Muhawala Group is comprised of two divisions, Contracting and Trading. Muhawala Contracting provide contracts based of Civil Works, Facility Management, Low Current Solutions and Wood Carpentry Solutions with prestigious track records.

We specialize in high end developments and contract values ranges. Commercial – Our services are offered to developers or local authority, they are generally larger and scaled projects where value engineering and cost management is key to the viability of the project.

Due to increased demand for a reputable contractor to undertake premium projects with full experienced management, construction has grown organically. Muhawala Group has become a reliable firm for many developers with a large pool of labour, whilst also providing peace of mind for Private Clients and Commercial Clients who trust in us to create there Emperor.

At Al muhawala, we don’t just supply and install products, we also provide a broad range of supporting services to ensure that our customers receive the best possible after sales care. With more than 41 years of experience in business critical systems, investing in Al Muhawala’s maintenance division means that you can benefit from our advice, expertise and technical support whenever you need it. From design and selection, to commissioning and beyond, we make sure your system reduces total cost of ownership, whilst always providing maximum efficiency and longevity.

Muhawala’s methodology embraces a suite of world-class delivery services and Project management capabilities.

Our methodology sets out how Muhawala’s Services and Sales should engage with Clients around Professional Services Opportunities and then deliver the resulting Projects.

The objective of a methodology is to set out a standard approach Based on best practice, which will enable us to deliver high quality services in a consistent way and manage the associated risks, resulting in increased Client satisfaction.

Low Current Systems

Fire and Safety

Power Backup Solution

Maintenance Contract

Al Muhawala

Our Mission & Our Vision